Light for Plants

  • ultra light weight
  • 28W 
  • 120V-240VAC


  • Economical solution and ideal for indoor vertical crop cultivation. 
  • Easily replace traditional fluorescent T8 tube while increase light efficiency. 
  • With standard Spectrum (RBW / RB / PCRW / WW) for options.
  • Ultra light weight by full plastic tube fixture. 
  • Alternative specifications and spectrum is available under customized request.
  • Suggest 8pcs (15cm lamp space) in 120cm2 growing area. 
  • 5pcs PPFD >260 umol/m2s) at 20cm distance from crops
  • 5pcs PPFD >220 umol/m2s) at 30cm distance from crops.
  • 2 years warranty for great reliability.


Mechanical Dimension