The high voltage reflector type 3030 LEDs are available in warm white / Neutral white / pure white and cold white to suit customer's application. These one-junction high voltage LEDs are equipped with heat sink to enhance operating performance. With special binning technology, these LEDs are ideal for architecture lighting and special lighting needs.

Application for
· Architecture Lighting
· Garden Lighting
· Interior Lighting


· High brightness output @ 25mA, max. current is 35mA.
Package Dimension = 3.2mmX3.0mmX0.6mm
· CRI = 80 and above
· Available in Warm white / Neutral white / Pure white and Cold white
· RoHS compliant
· Custom Bin available upon special request


QLMT8E series V1.0
Part numberPower (Watt)Dimension(mm)Brightness ( lm )View angleColor CCTCRIDrive current (mA)Vf typ (V)
QLSP06WWG1.2W3.2x3.0x0.6118lm120Warm White2700K8025mA48V
QLSP06WWG1.2W3.2x3.0x0.6118lm120Warm White3000K8025mA48V
QLSP06WNG1.2W3.2x3.0x0.6130lm120Neutral White4000K8025mA48V
QLSP06WPG1.2W3.2x3.0x0.6130lm120Pure White5000K8025mA48V
QLSP06WCG1.2W3.2x3.0x0.6130lm120Cold White6500K8025mA48V