These high output reflector type Tube LEDs are available in warm/neutral/pure and cold white to suit customer’s application. These LEDs are equipped with heat sink to enhance operating performance. With special binning technology, these LEDs are ideal for architecture lighting and special lighting needs.

-  Architecture Lighting
- Garden Lighting

- Interior Lighting


- High brightness output @ 30mA, max. current is 60mA.

- Package Dimension = 3.0mmX1.4mmX0.8mm

- CRI = 80 and above

- Available in warm/neutral/pure and cold white

- RoHS compliant

- Custom Bin available upon special request


QLMT8E series V1.0
Quelighting Part numberPower (Watt)Dimension(mm)Brightness ( lm )View angleColor CCTCRIDrive current (mA)Vf typ (V)
QLSP01WWF0.13.0x1.4x0.810120Warm White2700K80303.1
QLSP01WWF0.13.0x1.4x0.810120Warm White3000K80303.1
QLSP01WNF0.13.0x1.4x0.811120Neutral White4000K80303.1
QLSP01WPF0.13.0x1.4x0.811120Pure White5000K80303.1
QLSP01WCF0.13.0x1.4x0.811120Cold White6000K80303.1