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by Donna Ebeling | Nov 12, 2018 | HORTICULTURE, NEWS, PLANT LIGHT, sgsbiz export, TECHNOLOGY

Indoor farming requires high levels of full spectrum LED light, in turn, increased levels of UV light. Without the right eye protection, an increase in UV light can create damage to a grower’s vision. The greater the amount of light the more likely the grower will experience vision wash-out and tired eyes resulting in diminished crop observations. In commercial growing industries, high exposure to UV rays can become a health and safety concern.

The main reason to use grow room glasses is the irreparable damage it does to your eyes. It’s not noticeable right away, but comes on gradually. Different UV light causes various types of damage to the eyes. UVA causes cataracts, UVB causes eye burns. UVC causes eye burns as well, according to Washington University. Another good reason to use grow room glasses is that most workers who spend much of their time in greenhouses need protection as required by the OSHA safety standards.

The LED lights emit UV rays which are capable of damaging vision. You, therefore, need these glasses to eliminate any damage to your eyes. An additional benefit is to be able to see the actual color of the plant to find problems such as with insects like spider mites or root aphids.

“Oh to be young again” is a cliche used by many people over 30. Never more true than with growers who have neglected wearing LED eye protection when working their grows. This brings us to the quest for the best protective eyewear which is the ‘focus’ of this review.

We will be looking at 3 brands and their models of LED protective eyewear, paying close attention to multiple factors:

  • How much protection do they provide
  • Color or true color visible
  • Price
  • Where to purchase

According to the Grow Room Glasses review by Sensi Garden, Method Seven, Apollo and VivoSun were the top three rated.


Recommended for this company : Operator LED Plus  75.00

100% protection UVA, UVB, UVC
True color


100% protection UVA, UVB, UVC
Color correcting without a distorted view
Silver coating on lens to provide a reflective surface against any light
Includes Styles to fit over prescription glasses
Comfortable fit reported


One of the higher cost UV protective glasses

Other Method Seven models:

Agent 939 LEDfx 120.00
Cultivator LED Plus+ 75.00
Operator LED Plus 75.00
Classic LED Clip-on 50.00 – ideal to go over prescription glasses
Method Seven growroom glasses can be purchased directly from the Method Seven website.


Recommended for this company : UV400  13.99

100% protection UVA, UVB


100% protection UVA, UVB
Cost effective
Comfortable fit reported
Available on Amazon


Not color correcting

Other Apollo models:

Apollo Horticulture AHFR-Cultivator  13.99
Apollo Horticulture Grow Room Over Glasses  13.99
Apollo Horticulture UV400 LED  13.99
You can purchase Apollo grow room glasses from Amazon


Recommended for this company : Indoor LED with glasses case  16.99

Block UVA & UVB rays
Wrap-around lens design provides close-to-the-face protection and superior coverage
Not color correcting


Nice wrap around frame with lens covering side
Lower price
Meets ANSI Z87+ and CSA Z94.3 safety standards
Offers 180 degrees of distortion-free, unobstructed vision
Block UVA & UVB rays, alleviates glare


Not color correcting

Other VivoSun models:
LED Grow Room Over Prescription Glasses with case UV400  11.99
You can purchase VivoSun grow glasses through Amazo


You may, at first glance, search for glasses that look the best on you. However, the most important thing you should focus on when looking for growroom glasses is the maximum amount of UV protection. The light must shine through the glasses first, so make sure the lens wrap around the side some to keep the light from shining in through the side of your eyes. There are studies that prove a large amount of ocular damage is caused by UV light reflected off the backside of poorly fit UV-blocking glasses.

Once you’ve found the perfect pair, be sure to buy two. This will provide you an extra set on hand to allow someone to use to look at your grow or help you with a second set of hands. This will also give you a backup pair should you accidentlly leave yours at home.
Make a habit of wearing them every time you walk in by hanging them next to the door. They won’t do you any good just hanging there.

Now that you have this issue covered, you can “focus” on bigger and better things – like being able to clearly see the details of your grow.